About EYDN

 Who we are 

The Enabled Youth Disability Network (EYDN) is a youth policy and initiatives committee run by young people living with disability for young people living with disability. 

Our events and programs provide genuine opportunities for capacity building, advocacy and connection.

Hosted and established by Purple Orange in 2008, EYDN is now an incorporated organization, and run by a board of EYDN members aged 18-30.

Our board includes:

  • Kathryn Mills - President
  • Alexander Arthur - Secretary
  • Angus Fowler - Administration Officer
  • Ruby Nankivell - Member
  • Zac Curnow - Member
  • James Beaumont - Member
  • Brisna Cardoza - Member


Our team are passionate about improving the life chances and opportunities of young people living with disability and enabling them to have a voice, learn new skills and grow in confidence. 

EYDN is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to www.dss.gov.au for more information.


What we do 

EYDN run peer group meetings on the first Tuesday of each month in Unley, SA for members to connect with each other, share information, and get involved in their local community.  

Meetings are free and open to young people with disability aged 18-35 and are facilitated by Peer Connectors who are strong leaders in the youth disability community.

Each month the Network focuses on different topics and initiatives to ensure young people with disability feel connected, empowered and informed – and have a lot of fun along the way!

EYDN also run:


How we operate

We are committed to listening and learning from people who live with disability, which is why all of our programming and events are co-designed and run by our young members. 

This allows our members to:

  • have better access to information they need and care about
  • build deeper connections with supportive peers
  • take action on issues they care about, in support of access, choice and inclusion, and
  • hold leadership and valued roles in their communities

With co-design, and the voices and experiences of young people living with disability at the heart of everything we do, we ensure our programming is rich and relevant.



Our commitment to safety of children and young people 

We are a Child Safe Organisation that respects and promotes children’s rights and implements a zero-tolerance policy regarding child abuse or misconduct toward a child. We proactively ensure that we provide safe environments where children and young people are protected, valued, included, encouraged, and heard.  

We have adopted and continue to monitor our compliance with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. To report a concern about child safety at our organisation, make an enquiry about our policies and procedures, or to provide feedback to us, please contact (08) 8373 8388 or admin@purpleorange.org.au.